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Stanislav Markshantsev's Blog: First answers (english and russian version)

5 - Hello Stas! How are you my friend? Hope all is well! You are looking good, man! All the best to you and the family! Say hello to Leha (tell him to behave himself) ;-)

Tereshenko HI! Always pleasure to get in touch with you not over the phone or by mail but through the blog! Alexey says Hello. We are coming to see you during the summer!

Терещенко Привет! Николай, всегда приятно быть с тобою на связи не по телефону или интернету, а через блог Макшанцева в Испании....Алексей пердает тебе привет...Жди в гости летом!!!

3 - ¿How is Kambala? I've seen that he got more of 40 points in some games... By the way, i don't think Russian Superleague has such a great level grom 5º to 13º... if we look at Eurochallenge can see Lokomotiv, Ural or Samara with some defeats... Of course congratulations for your blog!

Kambala is taking some pressure off of the team down under the basket. Coach
Brazis pairs me with him when we go on the court. It was interesting to watch him play that day. Every loose ball would еnd up in his hands to allow him to score.

Камбала усиливает игру команды под кольцом. Тренер Бразис выпускает в игру его со мной в паре. В той игре буквально все мячи: при отскоке от шита, или чьей-нибудь потери оказавались у него в руках, все что ему оставалось это их забивать.

2 - Hello Stas. I'm a fan of Unicaja. I would like to know your version about your days in Málaga... who was the 'guilty' about your release? ¿What do you remember about Malaga and Unicaja? I'm very happy for having news of you. Regards.

I loved living and playing for Malaga! Unicaja is a well organized well respected basketball club. Scariolo made a decision on letting me go. I believe they wanted to sign me in Walter Herrmann's position in the event he didn't stay with Unicaja, but he stayed with the team. There were too many players in my position, 4.

Я любил жить и играть в Малаге. БК Уникаха хорошо организованный и уважаемый всеми клуб. Скариоло сделал решение отпустить меня. Я думаю Уникаха хотела меня подписать на место Уолтера Хермана, но по какойто причине он остался в клубе. Было слишком много игроков на нашей позиции — нападающих.

1 - Hello! First of all, congratulations for your blog. Second, i would like to know what do you miss of Spain more? Do you have any contact with some players in ACB?

The things I miss the most about Spain are the architecture (old castles, old Marbella), warm weather, short trips to the game, great wine, sea sides and warm, open, well mannered people. We are friends with Daniel Santiago's family.

То, что мне запомнилось больше всего в Испании — это старая архитектура, например замки и Старая Марбея, теплая погода, короткие перелеты на игры, великолепное вино, красивое и теплое море, пеплые,открытые, воспитанные люди.


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