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Kostas Vassiliadis sends a message to the BasketMe's users

Hola! I’m Kostas Vassiliades and I played for Unicaja Malaga in the 2006 – 07 season. I think the people there still remember me, since I still hold very deal memories from all you anyway. I will never forget the championship I won with Unicaja in June 2006, my only one so far and only a month for me with the team, having just moved there from PAOK, where I belonged almost all my life, since the age of 15… I had a great time in Malaga, Carlos (Cabezas) and Flo (Pietrus) helped me get through the adaptation stage much easier and never left me feeling alone or isolated, and I really enjoyed being in a friendly and nice city with very warm fans that supported me wholeheartedly during the one year I had been with the team. I will never forget their presence at the Athens Final – Four…. Gracias from the bottom of my heart.

Unfortunately, things did not work out very well with the team and me and I had to leave just after one year into a three-year contract and last season I played for Olympiacos, while this season I moved yet once again, but this time to PAOK, which is blessing in itself. PAOK is the team I love since I were a kid and transferring back “home” was the best thing that could happen to me right now. I am back to familiar environment, with my family and friends close by, playing for my favorite team that makes a new beginning trying to re-establish itself among the big teams of the league and in due time, among the big teams in Europe. I feel this to be a new beginning for me as well, since it is obvious that here I can find the time I want and need in order to show what I can do and a role that becomes me more. People ask me if I feel any pressure from having a leading role with the team, but I really don’t. Nobody forced me to accept PAOK’s proposal, it was my own free choice and I’m very happy for it. From moment one the President and the coach spoke to me about what they want and expect, I had no problem saying yes. How could I say no, anyway? I’m a fan of the team.

Up to now, we have played two league games and we have a 1-1 record. First game into the PAOK Sports Arena was amazing. It felt great wearing the black and white again and playing in front of 8.000 fans that had created an amazing atmosphere, unbelievable. I was so motivated and so sad at the end that we lost to Panionios 73 -77 and that superb crowd did not have the opportunity to celebrate a victory. But we showed that we are on good track and we are going to be just fine. Panionios is a very good team, they play Euroleague this week, and they have the same roster since last season. We are an absolutely young team, with quality though and willing to work our heads off in order to give to both ourselves and the fans the team they want. It seems that our fans understand that, because last Sunday, when we played in Trikala, at least 100 of them made a four hour trip (one way) to be there and support us. Good thing is, we won. And we keep going on. I just hope we win this Saturday against Panellinios, and make our first home win as well.

I’m very happy basketme.com has offered me this opportunity to contact you all in Spain and share my thoughts and feelings. What I can promise is that I’ll try to keep up with regular communication and let you know about what’s been going on with PAOK, Greece and basketball in general. Nice to “be” with you all again. And Vamos Unicaja!

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